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Seo impact with yahoo plus microsoft vs google - dharne. Com

SEO Impact with Yahoo plus Microsoft Vs Google

Yahoo plus microsoft vs google
Many of you must be aware of the Yahoo and Microsoft’s search deal.  They hope will change the landscape of the Search industry. How does this impact SEO in particular and search engine marketing in general?

The Yahoo – Microsoft deal, key points:

The agreement has been made for 10 years and this agreement gives Microsoft the following

  1. Exclusive access rights to Yahoo search technologies and data.
  2. Microsoft will be able to incorporate any of the technologies it wants to in its own search engine Bing.
  3. Yahoo search will be powered by Bing and all paid and organic search on Yahoo will use Bing to power their search results.
  4. Yahoo has the freedom to decide how to display results and control the user experience.

The deal will likely take up to 2 years until it gets fully implemented

How does this deal affect the search industry

First, Google still dominates the search industry and will continue to do so for some time. One can only wonder if Bing and Yahoo together will have the ability to change this.

Second, what will happen of various valuable online resources provided by Yahoo including the Yahoo directory, Yahoo site explorer, Yahoo maps, Flikr, Delicious and many others.

After Google, SEO specialists should still focuss on optimizing for Yahoo.  It is still the second largest search engine and will be for some time.

Yahoo site explorer is one of the better tools for link analysis. It is best to back up that competitor data before it closes down for good.

One should begin optimizing for Bing as well. It will soon be the second largest search engine.

Few observations about Bing

  1. Bing favors sites having keywords in domain or sub domain name.
  2. It favors dashes to underscores in names
  3. It likes fresh, unique links from strong sites.
  4. Proper On page optimization of your pages for target keywords

Though it is unlikely that Bing will make significant inroads into Google’s search dominance, it will be a significant target for search engine marketing.

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